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Psst! Every puzzle comes from past questionnaires that were part of the AQJM's ''Championnat international de jeux mathématiques et logiques'' (International Championship of Mathematical and Logical Games).

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Mathilda’s Bicycle ✯

On Mathilda’s bicycle, the big gear on which the chainset is attached has 42 teeth. The small gear, attached to the rear wheel, has 14 teeth. Both gears are linked together by a chain.

Once Mathilda’s chainset has completed 15 turns, how many turns did the rear wheel complete?


The Game ✯✯

In a game, each participant starts with 16 points and answers 16 questions. If they give the correct answer, they win 1 point. Otherwise, they lose 1 point. Nathalie ends with 20 points.

How many wrong answers did she give?


The Theatre ✯✯

The seats of a theatre are numbered from 1 to 2014, row after row starting from the stage and from left to right facing the stage. So, the seat number 2 is at the intersection of the first row (row of seats) and the second column. The rows of seats all have the same number of seats and are all complete.

What is the number of the seat at the intersection of the twentieth row and the fourteenth column?


Parallelograms ✯✯✯

We draw 2 parallel lines in a first direction, then 3 parallel lines in a second direction different from the first one and finally 4 parallel lines in a third direction different from the two previous ones.

How many completely drawn parallelograms does the final figure count, maximum?


The Museum Attendant ★

In Mathville’s museum, there are four rooms containing different exhibits. On the following illustration, they are delimited by the thick lines. To keep watch on the paintings, the attendant must install an alarm system in each room.

Place the three alarm systems in a way so two are not placed on the same row or the same column of the drawing.


Futoshiki ★

In this grid, each square must contain one of the digits 1, 2 or 3. Each digit appears exactly once in each row and each column. The character < means that the digit written in the square immediately on the left is smaller than the digit written in the square immediately on the right.

Complete the grid.

The Alarm Clock ★★

At 8 o’clock, Leo’s alarm clock goes off for the fifth time. At that moment, he thinks: “Fifteen minutes ago, my alarm clock was not ringing, but it had already went off exactly once”.

Knowing his alarm clock is set to go off at regular intervals (of a whole number of minutes), what time was it when Leo’s alarm clock went off for the first time?

Displaying 1 to 7 of 90
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