The AmazingMaths project is the result of a common effort!

We would first like to thank all teachers from elementary and secondary school who kindly gave their time to help us over the years. We want to thank all the members of our advisory committee for their ideas and their suggestions.


Every year, students work to create activities for AmazingMaths. We would like to recognize the hard work of our 2017 team for the realization and the conception of new materials: Marianne Girard, Samuel Gagnon, Gabrielle Cloutier, Alice Pomerleau, Marianne Girard, Samuel Gagnon, Gabrielle Cloutier, Alice Pomerleau, Pierre-Paul Dubé Trudel, Audrey Garneau, Anne-Marie Paquet, Valérie Gamache, Roxanne Poulin and Marie-Priscille Giguère (all students).

The project was based on the work done by our team of students over the past years.

2017: Amélia Bordeleau, Samuel Gagnon, Audrey Garneau, Marie-Priscille Giguère, Marianne Girard, Bruno Lafond and Karine Goupil

2016: Ariane Caron, Patrice Courchesne, Audrey Garneau, Marie-Priscille Giguère, Karine Goupil and Méghan Vaillant.

2015: Catherine Bilodeau, Simon B. Lavallée, Amélie Compagna, Audrey Garneau and Victor Pattee-Gravel.

2014: Catherine Bilodeau, Simon B. Lavallée and Audrey Garneau.

2013: Marie-Ailan Beaulieu and Simon B. Lavallée.

2012: Laurent Robert-Veillette.

Graphics and cartoons for the 2013 materials and for much of the subsequent work : Karine Vézina.

We would also like to thank our 2018 translation team for their work: Kaitlin Power, Marek Blais, Juliette Demers, Lisa Carlino and Marie-Rose Emond. They continued the work started by the 2017 translation team: Kiera Vaccaro, Annette Rouleau, Peter Liljedahl, Jamal Chu and Dani Chu.

The project was coordinated by Andrée-Anne Paquet with the help of Frédéric Gourdeau.

Our website was created by Tactic from the Faculté des sciences et de génie of Université Laval.