Math Journey – Pirates et Discoveries

Registration :

1-   To participate to the Math Journey, the teacher first has to register by filling the entry formWe will ask you your group’s name, which we invite you to choose with your students.

2-    Once registered, the teacher must choose the Math Journey suited to the grade level of his students.  



Process :

1-    Every elementary class across Canada or the United States can participate.   

2-    The circuit will consist of 5 quests, each presenting a challenge to meet. For each of the 5 quests the class participated in, the teacher must fill in the activity report. It is possible to participate to any quest and to participate to the desired number of quests (1 to 5), as long as the class was registered beforehand. 

3-   Every document (photo, video, solution, etc.) submitted during the Circuit – Pirates and discoveries could be used by AQJM within its activities if the teacher gave the necessary permissions.   

4-    By registering to the Math Journey, the teachers will receive all the information to participate on time.



Responsibility limit

AQJM organizes the Math Journey – Pirates and discoveries. The candidates are committing to submit to the present rules. Any issue relative to the Math Journey – Pirates and discoveries must be submitted to AQJM. AQJM’s or SMAC’ decisions relative to these issues are final and irrevocable.


The responsibility of AQJM, SMAC or any organizations associated to the Math Journey – Pirates and discoveries could not be claimed if the journey’s process was interrupted or canceled for any reason.